블록체인 서비스 도입에 대한 마켓 리서치, 온라인 서베이. 프로토타입 제작 및 UT(Usability Test) ICO 관련 제반 리서치. 유사 사례 및 백서(White Paper) 조사 및 인사이트 도출.



블록체인 서비스 런칭 시 서비스 전략 방향성 수립. 블록체인 적용시 시스템/사용성/마케팅 측면 개선 리포트. ICO 전략 및 준비 과정 전반에 대한 컨설팅 작업. ICO 백서 (White Paper) 제작.



블록체인 기반 서비스 디자인. Web/P2P/Dapp 의 UX/UI/GUI 디자인. ICO 로고/심볼/프로토타입 및 Pre-sale 웹사이트 디자인. ICO 홍보 동영상 제작.

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Blockchain & Digital Currency are Integrating Value

Currency, Stock, Funding, Stone, Contract.. Will be integrated by Blockchain & Digital Currency. as Newspaper, TV, Radio, Magazine, Book, Letter, Photo.. was integrated by Internet & Web in Past

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Blockchain Is Changing Fintech, Proptech, Entertainment

Fintech, Protech, Entertech, etc.. Any existing business logic can be coded into a blockchain. Blockchain technology is a computer architecture for an open and secure distributed database.

ICO Branding & Global Networking

ICO is Crowd Funding in future. After years of evolution in the Blockchain & Digital Currency, You can see Integrated Value World.

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    Participate in Alttex as an Advisor

    블록체인 기반의 통합 메신저+코인송금+전자지갑 역할을 담당하는 Alttex 팀의 Advisor 로 참여.

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Chief consultant Presented 'Blockchain, age of value integration'

at last blockchain conference in korea

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Beyond and Innovations

Febuary 9, 2018 18:30 ~ 21:30
Location: TIPS TOWN (B1 floor, TIPS Holl) / Yoksam station Exit2(Line No.2)
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    Globcoin Advisor

    Rodi park, 1st Block Consulting Chief Consultant Participated in Globcoin as an Advisor

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Address : 723-13, Han-nam dong, Seoul, Korea Business License : 476-13-00717
Email : Tel : 82-10-2057-6457
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